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Congrats to all!

A few weeks ago our President and Treasure travelled to Markham to participate in the Ontario Federation Snowmobile Association Annual General Meeting. The conference gives clubs and districts in Ontario the chance to come together to discuss issues, concerns, develops throughout the year and for the future. These dedicated volunteers are there representing their area and the snowmobilers of their clubs. Luckily, besides the heavy discussion there is some fun. This year we are excited to announce the Osprey Snow Hawks were well represented. Congratulations to Tim Wickens our president who was recognized for the volunteer of the year (for District 8)! Tim does so much and represents the Snow Hawks with prestige, so thank you Mr. President.

Secondly the Osprey Snow Hawks was recognized as Club of the Year within District 8. The Snow Hawks celebrated our 50th Anniversary this year, and we couldn't be more proud of the clubs success. We have also had so many accomplishments alike the Groomer Building and had the opportunity to donate to local hospitals to help with the advancements within our community. Keep checking our website and Facebook for upcoming events and trail status as we patiently wait for the white stuff! Don't forget permits are now on sale so get your early bird deal (click here to go to OFSC permits). And the most important "BUY WHERE YOU RIDE" select the Osprey Snow Hawks Snowmobile Club when purchasing your permit. We heard its suppose to be a bad winter for normal citizens but for you snowmobile enthusiast it's going to be a good one!

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